Version 39.0 of Procountor was published on Saturday, April 18th.
Read more about the upcoming changes below.
  1. Handling sending errors
  2. Approval circulation
  3. Consumer e-invoices
  4. Holiday calculation
  5. Other improvements

Handling sending errors

Sending errors related to invoices sent as email can now be handled in the Sending errors view
Sending errors related to invoices sent as emails can now be handled as self-service in the Sending errors view. In addition, the sending errors and payment errors are now handled in separate views, both of which can be opened from the same red exclamation icon.
Invoices sent via email can be rejected by email servers due to different types of issues, such as faulty receiver address. In case of an email sending error, Procountor will notify the sender of the invoice. All new sending errors can be seen and handled in the same Sending errors view by the sender and possibly other users, in case they have sufficient user rights for handling invoices.

The red exclamation mark icon indicates that there are new sending (or payment) errors to be handled. Clicking on the icon opens a link to the view where sending errors, including email sending errors, can be viewed.

To send the invoice again with corrected address information etc., the sending error needs to be selected and handled with the Handle feature. Handling the error opens the invoice view where the address information or other relevant information can be edited. If any invoice information needs to be changed, the invoice needs to be set back to Unfinished state (Edit > Change state to unfinished). After verifying that the information is now correct, the invoice can be approved and sent.
Previously, the email sending errors were reported to senders manually by Procountor’s customer service. The errors are now automatically visible in the Procountor environment.


Approval circulation

A new Approval circulation setting: Editing payee information
We have released a new setting to the Management > Company info > Approval circulation settings view. It is now possible to select whether it is possible to edit Payee information on the payment view in the environment.

Purpose of blocking changes on the payment view's payee information is to have better security to payments in general.

The new setting is: "Prevent payee information change on payment view?". When the checkbox is used, it is not possible to change the payee information on payment views, i.e. the payee information is always the same as the information on the invoice view. When the setting is not in use, payee information (recipient account etc.) can be changed when adding new payments, without the need to set the invoice back to Unfinished state.


Consumer e-invoices

Saving existing consumer e-invoice sender info notifications
We have enabled a possibility to save existing consumer e-invoice sender info notifications to Procountor. The notifications are not sent to the bank but are saved to Procountor so that the companies that are migrated to Procountor can start using consumer e-invoices right away. An old valid notification can be added in Management > Company info > E-invoice and Scanning provider addresses, by using Invoicer announcement > Add existing.
Saving an invoicer announcement to Procountor requires the same payment instruction ID that was originally used when sending the notification to banks. Please find out the payment instruction ID from the old notification. 
Note: New invoicer announcements can be sent to banks by using these instructions.
Importing receiver info notifications
We have enabled a possibility to import and save consumer e-invoice receiver info notifications in situations where a company changes their financial administration software to Procountor. User can import receiver info notifications in Customer register > Receiver info notifications > Import receiver info notifications. Details for the required information in the csv file will be published in our user manual.

After importing receiver info notifications, the notifications need to be allocated to a customer by using the Allocate to business partner button.

Adding Tieto sending and receiving addresses
We have added a possibility to add Tieto (TE0037xxxxxxxx) sending and receiving addresses to the E-invoice and Scanning provider addresses view. This is enabled due to migrations form other softwares to Procountor and concerns consumer e-invoice addresses. If a Tieto address is used, the operator is the company's bank.

Holiday calculation

Enabling the holiday bonus functionality
The holiday bonus functionalities can now be taken into use in Management > Company info > Usage settings by selecting ”Enable holiday bonus functionality”.
Using the setting will enable new information fields related to holiday bonus calculation. These fields are visible in the employee's Holiday tab in employee register. Enabling holiday bonus functionalities will also add information relates to holiday bonus on the holiday accrual report.
Please note that paying holiday bonuses will be enabled in Procountor's next version on May 16th 2020.

Holiday bonus in accrual reports
Holiday bonuses have been added to the holiday accrual report. Holiday bonuses and holoiday bonus days are visible after enabling the holiday bonus functionality. 

Usability improvements

General usability
  • We have improved the contrast and readability of the highlighting effect in the Procountor sidebar menu. The highlighting effect shows the current path used in Procountor. In addition, we have changed the effect mouse cursor has in the sidebar.
  • On the Bank statements and reference payments view searching was previously initiated after clicking outside a field or a check box. In many cases the resulting search was not intended to take place yet, as a result the searches had large scopes causing long load times. We have fixed the view so that the Search button needs to be used in order to initiate the search.
  • We have fixed the Management Operations front page widget so that any changes made to the widget’s settings will now only effect the environment the changes are made in.

  • The dimensioning of salary slips can no longer be edited in case the salary slips belong to a closed financial year.
  • We have improved the calculation of side costs in holiday accrual report to take into account the exceptions on employee level.

Handling cash discounts
  • We have fixed a defect that caused contradictory values between the invoice's sum value and currency in case the purchase invoice included cash discounts and foreign currencies. The defect affected only the logic of how things were displayed on the invoicing information, not the calculation itself.